5 Tips for a Smooth and Successful Hens Party

info Loaded Brush - Friday, April 05, 2013

1WHEN - Set a date early and send a ‘save the date’ notice or set up a facebook event and build the anticipation.

2. WHO - Liase with the Bride to make a list of guests and keep the list updated with contact details, RSVP, payment and any special needs such as food/transport.

3. WHAT – Decide on your main activity.  Remember you will want to appeal to a variety of ages and physical ability.  An Art Jam is a unique experience that can be tailored to suit all groups.

4. WHERE – Consider your location and transport needs.  Parties, which start at home, are a great way to give guests an opportunity to get to know each other and keep the budget in check by self-catering.

5. Finally make a schedule of the day. To keep your party running smoothly, have a rough guide in place. Prepare as much as possible in advance so you and the bridesmaids can participate stress free and enjoy the day too. 

Planning the Best Hens Night in Perth

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A Hens Party is a special time for women to come together to honour the Bride and their unique female friendship.  Careful planning can help make the event run smoothly and ensure the memories last for years to come.  You can download a Hens Party Planner, but here are a few top tips for planning the Best Hens Night!


  1. Talk to the Bride and make a list of guests including phone numbers, email, RSVPs and perhaps their relationship to the bride.

  2. Choose a date early and let everyone know.  Perhaps even suggest a budget so those that need to can plan for it. 

  3. Decide upon one of our fantastic Hen Party packages and secure your date!

  4. Consider your location, transport, food and decorations.  A party at home can keep costs down and allow for self-catering.  You may decide upon a theme of colour or style.  One of our Hens Jam groups all wore berets and stick on moustaches!

  5. As hosts, remember you will want to enjoy the party too, so keep a schedule and pre-prepare as much as possible.  If guests are paying cash, ask that they bring the correct amount or transfer funds before the night so no one needs to worry.  While the day may focus on the Bride, try to make sure all the guests are participating in the fun and let them know where the toilets are what to expect at the beginning of the night so everyone can relax and feel comfortable.

  6. Try to minimise the politics and if things don’t go exactly to plan stay flexible and diplomatic.

  7. Finally, consult an expert.  We have been hosting Hens Parties for years and will make sure yours ticks all the boxes.  For the most memorable and unique day full of laughter and fun contact us today.