Colouring the Streets

info Loaded Brush - Saturday, February 09, 2013
With a desire for change this courageous leader says no to the Grey of compromise and colours his city with amazing results. Our Environment must support our innovation and creativity and is a great place to begin making change.  Beauty protects, nourishes and renews.  A change in space can promote dialogue, collaboration and growth.  
We are fortunate to have a city of many colours, but we should continue to find ways to paint the town red for ourselves.  
What is your favourite Colourful Perth Space?
Which building would you like to see recoloured?

The Best Art

info Loaded Brush - Tuesday, August 30, 2011

As a young traveler I once decided that I might sing for my supper, well actually, clean a hostel for a free night’s board.  I lasted about two days before I reverted to paying cash.  The manager smiled and said, ‘Cleaning toilets is a good way to find out what you don’t want to do.’  So how do we find out what we want to do?

Andy Warhol once famously said;
Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”  Warhol was a conceptual artist, his ‘work’ and business was in the play with ideas.  Much of the production was undertaken by his minions at his studio ‘The Factory.’   The ‘art’ therefore, is the process of thinking, the creation of ideas.  In this sense, good business is having the best ideas and implementing them successfully.   

I am currently training a Small Business Course for Mission Australia.  As participants near the end of the course they face the reality of starting their own business and begin to express some fears and doubts.  This conversation is always the most exciting for me, because it is in this space of the unknown that we discover the true reward of business, personal growth.  Fears about time management, sales skills or any number of practical concerns highlight opportunities for learning and creativity.  Like a blank canvas, a business offers no place to hide, but infinite choice and an ability to be your most authentic self, to decide exactly what you want to do and how you want to do it.  And just like a canvas, you can always paint over whatever isn't working, get help, or start fresh with a new canvas!  Good business, 'art,' is a process of creating, innovating, refining and reinventing ourselves, our staff, our product and our systems.  To be the best we must understand, practice and manage the process of creativity and innovation.

Now of course, the toilet will still need cleaning, but you decide how, how often and by who!



Tears, Fears and delicious Doubts!

info Loaded Brush - Thursday, July 21, 2011


I am having a vulnerable week. 
There have been tears, fears and yes, doubts a plenty.  In Jamming terms I have been staring at a half finished canvas and it is messy, embarrassing, unresolved, ugly even. 

This is generally the point in a Jam where people will once again turn to me for advice.  I try to ease the struggle and occasionally offer a friendly opinion, but always resist ‘teaching’ or telling Jammers what to do, because of course there is no ‘right way’ and it is simply not my decision to make.  It is also, like the first moment of facing the blank canvas, an opportunity with great potential for empowerment. 

In her TED talk The Power of Vulnerability, Brene Brown shares the story of her journey into Vulnerability.  She speaks about the discomfort of learning, having a “willingness to do something where there are no guarantees.”  Her message is that we are born courageous creatures “wired for struggle” and our efforts to avoid or reduce the discomfort associated with this risk merely serve to dull the shine on our glorious imperfect lives and loves.


Having a willingness to share what is messy, embarrassing or unresolved is opening a door to learning, because learning is an exchange, a dialogue.  We must be prepared to say to ourselves or to another ‘I don’t know,’ ‘I am afraid,’ ‘how can?’ ‘I wonder’ and then to boldly step into that space of discovery. 


Yes, it was a messy week.  I had my moment of tears, fears and doubts and I am so pleased!  Excited and thrilled to be playing in a space of new learning!  And grateful to those who have shared and supported me.


At the end of every Jam I thank participants for Sharing their Creativity.  This is not merely ‘thanks for your business,’ but an expression of truly genuine gratitude for giving of themselves, sharing a moment of their beautiful vulnerability.  What a special gift!


info Loaded Brush - Friday, June 10, 2011

I follow @guidedogswa on Twitter and they recently posted this deliciously adorable photo of their new trainees!


Now I am and will always be, a ‘dog person’ so it is not hard for me to immediately fall in love with this delightful duo.  However knowing this pair are destined to be leaders, puts them in a class well above my neighbour’s yapping terrier. 

So what qualities make these leaders stand out from the rest?

PLAYFUL – Puppies are playful. Like children and indeed the young of most species, puppies are curious and experimental.  Exploring the world around them, they are prepared to take risks and push the boundaries with a natural instinct to learn and grow.

COLLABORATORS – Puppies play well with others.  Trusting and friendly, with a few alert sniffs, puppies invite you onto their playground.  Taking on different roles, sensitive to strengths and weaknesses, puppies learn from and respect the differences of those around them.

COMMUINCATORS – Puppies have acute listening skills, they utilise all their senses and absorb the world around them.  They maintain awareness of their environment and nuances of even the smallest changes within it.  From a friendly nuzzle to a cautious growl they communicate efficiently and effectively to those close to them.


INTEGRATORS – Puppies are well balanced.  Making time to play and rest, they are present in the moment.  Puppies are authentic in sharing their unique personality.  

And finally suggests that a puppy leader 

“should be an excellent problem-solver because it is impossible to predict every possible puzzle a dog might encounter in his working life and he must be able to apply what he knows creatively in new situations to make safe and reasonable decisions.”

 For more information on how to learn from these unique animals and their trainers go to

But first tell us how do you measure up to these generous and gifted leaders?