Have you ever noticed how young children get into everything? Touching, tasting, breaking! We are born with an innate and vital desire to learn, a drive that is not just useful but critical to our survival.  All learning is a creative process made up of two steps - take a risk (do something you have never done before) and solve a problem (or a few). 

Here at Loaded Brush we like to refer to risk-taking by its other name – PLAY!

Children don’t speak of risk, they experiment, they test, they explore, they discover, all in the grand adventure of playing! 


As a teacher, Loaded Brush founder, Cellina, realised most adults have been taught that risk is a bad thing, mistakes are ‘wrong,’ rather than learning experiences and creativity (everyone’s innate gift of learning) is something reserved for other people.  Creativity is a process, a skill which can and should be practiced.  Creativity is the initiation of all growth and learning and therefore vital to our survival, not just as infants, but as individuals throughout our lives.  Survival and growth in business is also dependent upon Creativity and Innovation.  Loaded Brush provides unique, authentic experiences to practice creativity and develop an understanding of the creative process.  Our workshops and events are packed with opportunities to play and guaranteed to be full of laughter and learning. 

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Cellina Prosser

Play Maker

Cellina literally cut her teeth on creativity as a child, her teething toy was a plastic chain made of recycled toothbrush handles.   

Pursuing a passion for learning she undertook studies in Art and English to enhance her core skills of listening, reading and communication, particularly of the visual world.  

With heady addiction to learning (more powerful than chocolate, which she managed to give up in 2008) Cellina then immersed herself in teaching and research of the pedagogies of Creativity and Innovation. 

She formed Loaded Brush with a desire to encourage adults to embrace their innate creativity, critical to all growth and change.  Because as Andy Warhol said ‘Business is the Best Art.’ 

Applying the design skills of risk taking and problem solving to business training, she now shares the six elements of Innovation in engaging, authentic, training experiences. Still passionate about sustainability, an intolerance for waste drives Cellina to seek efficient solutions, which she believes to be inherently beautiful.  Finally, she is ever faithful to creativity as "the essential dimension" of living and learning.

"We are too often taught to separate that which is connected, to divide rather than bring together the disciplines, to eliminate all that which can lead to disorder.  For this reason it is absolutely indispensable to reconsider our relationship with art as an essential dimension of human thinking.  The art of daily life and the creativity of daily life should be the right of all.  Art, then, as a part of our lives of our efforts to learn and know."

Carlina Rinaldi (2006) In Dialogue with Reggio Emilia


Loaded Brush embraces sustainable practices and supports REmida WA, Perth’s Creative Reuse Centre.  REmida collects industrial waste materials from Western Australian businesses and provides them as a resource for educational and creative use in the Community.  



I found it was an original approach, very engaging.

Sara Murray, HWE Mining


Taught me how to be calm and learn to work in a team. I am more confident than I think!

Darren Ward, CCIWA


I have a clearer understanding of the collaboration process.

Matthew Hansen, City of Wanneroo



It takes someone with great skills and personality to conduct workshops with disadvantaged people, to help build their levels of confidence, self-esteem and decision-making.  Cellina has such skills and works effectively with different groups of people at the Morley Training Centre.  The fun and enjoyment these people experience, whilst learning valuable life skills is a credit to Cellina’s ability.

We cannot speak highly enough of her.

Peter Gardner, Morley Training Centre



Much laughter and enjoyment, very rewarding and revealing.

Wendy Rawlins

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