Corporate Workshops

Loaded Brush offer team-building and training in the 6 Elements of Creativity and Innovation

  • Play - Otherwise known as risk-taking, encourage the spirit of enquiry and learning. Nurture the potential of your staff to innovate and grow your business.

  • Communication - Explore different modes of expression and develop an understanding of the powerful elements of listening and visual communication, which improve intuitive responses. 

  • Collaboration - Unite the team in a shared challenge and cultivate a new appreciation of each person's unique contribution.

  • Integration - Loaded Brush workshops develop whole-brain, systems thinking, strengthens efficiency and broadening opportunity for innovation and alignment. 

  • Environment - Discover how simple changes in your space can benefit your team and generate long-term improvements.

  • Documentation - key to maintaining focus, developing strong systems of communication and rapid response networks.


Below are some of our most popular workshops or give us a call and we can tailor something to your specific needs.   


Collaboration Jam

Does your organisation nurture a culture of creativity and innovation?

Explore creativity in your workplace. How do your staff manage creativity?

This innovative workshop challenges participants to work in teams and exercise collaboration and communication in a unique way.  An active brainstorm will energise and motivate your staff to discover new solutions and understandings,  igniting their creative energy. 

Art Jam

Get to know your staff on a different level. This revealing two hour Jam session will make Friday afternoon drinks an event your team will appreciate all week! Celebrate and recharge with an open painting session guaranteed to inspire and motivate. Why wait till Friday?

team building accountants.JPG
clay coil.jpg


Encourage your staff to see with all their senses. This fun and unique visit to a local gallery will unlock their creative thinking and open up a trusting exchange of dialogue. Participants will learn to critically interact with their environment, exploring visual cues in an exciting and meaningful way. 

'The most fun I ever had in a museum' Jane Meaclem


Do you know what your staff really think?Using recycled materials this sculptural workshop explores the identity of the organisation, its values, goals and mission within a creative, safe space that reveals honest opinions and fresh ideas. Fantastic when coupled with Strategic planning as this workshop incorporates aspects of SWOT and PESTLE and develops the skills of analysis, creativity and teamwork. 

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