Authentically You

ARE YOU FEELING THERE IS NOT ENOUGH TIME FOR YOU? ​ ARE YOU FEELING STUCK IN YOUR ROUTINE? BORED? LOST? TRAPPED BY RESPONSIBILITIES AND PRESSURE TO PERFORM. ​ DO YOU FEEL A SENSE THERE IS SOMETHING MORE? THAT YOU HAVE MORE TO GIVE? ​ Our 6 Week program will guide you back to your MOST AUTHENTIC SELF! ​ Rediscover a sense of play and wonder for the world around you. Find joy, confidence, and a sense of peace in knowing you are truly valuable. Your authentic self does not judge, it does not live in fear. Reconnect with your calm, true essence of creative freedom. ​ Join others in a journey of discovery, with two hours each week meeting as a group to explore and master the six elements of creativity and learning with practical and fun exercises that will inspire and ignite your curiosity and innate creative being. Our online sessions support your learning and provide resources to reflect and deepen your experience. In order to survive and grow we must learn. Creativity is the learning process. For this reason it is a vital part of the human condition. When we deny our creativity we lose our ability to communicate, to empathise, to relate and to connect. Creativity is the gift we need to give back to ourselves and our children. If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be. Maya Angelou



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