The Most Important Wedding Tradition

I have a friend who seems to attend weddings often enough to rival Hugh Grant!  Fortunately he is male, so virtually all he need do is have his suit dry-cleaned and show up!  Now whilst dry-cleaning costs have risen, it hardly compares to the costs a female will begin calculating from the moment they RSVP.  A new dress, hair, make-up, nails, shoes, gifts, transport and even accommodation may all factor in.  By the time the Hens party is being arranged many guests are beginning to consider ways to reign in the budget and sadly the Hens is often a casualty.

Here are 5 reasons you should put the Hens Party at the top of the Wedding priority list!

1. Connect with other wedding guests

It was my great pleasure to host a Clay Play Hens Jam for my cousin’s fiancée. In attendance, amongst more than 30 women of all ages and backgrounds, were both my Mother and my Aunt.  Naturally my Mother knew none of the Hen’s young friends or family and I suspect was somewhat apprehensive in a room full of strangers.  It didn’t take long for some rather raucous debate about the degree of creative licence exercised to foster friendships amid tears of laughter across the whole room!  However it was my great delight to hear that at the Wedding itself the young guests remembered my mother and made a point of saying hello, with smiles and winks!  The pre-wedding fun of a Hens can really help break the ice and provide an opportunity to build new connections without the formalities which surround the Wedding Day.

2. Honour the friendship of  Women

There are many wedding traditions that leave me puzzling, but the one I am increasingly honoured to be part of is the Hens party.  I cherish all my friendships, but there is something unique about my female connections, a special relationship that I know I can always call upon in time of need.  In fact, it is biological.  Time with female friends is known to reduce stress amongst many other benefits.  A Hens party respects and celebrates this unique bond.

3. Show your Support

Getting married is ironically one of the top ten most stressful life events (according to the Holmes and Rahe stress scale.)  Take this opportunity to let the Bride know that you support her as an individual.  Whether you are a friend from childhood, a soon-to-be relative or new ally, be present and go with the flow!

4. Because it is fun for you too!

My philosophy is that a great Hens party is for everyone!  Embarrassing the Bride and boring or ignoring the guests is happily a dying tradition.  The plans and activities may not be your first choice, but put on your dancing shoes anyway (or kick them off!) and find your fun in the experience and the company!

5. Share a Memory

Finally, long after the last of the Wedding cake has been eaten and you can’t remember who you danced with on ‘the big day’, the laughs shared on a Hen’s night will be relived over coffee and chaos for many years to come.  A unique Hens experience is a gift that will be cherished always.

So the next time you are asked to ‘save the date’ ask which date the Hens Party will be and make it a

must not a maybe!

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