The Sound of Space

In my former life I was a teacher. Yes I am a rare breed, I survived high school twice. But it was a narrow escape both times and now I have managed to move in next door to a school whose siren blares 6 times a day, clearly to reassure residents that the prisoners, er that is, students, are by no means masters of their domain.

Fortunately I have come to realise that mastering your domain is the very lesson we should be learning, for your Space, is the often less-than-silent partner in everything you do. It plays a part, for better or worse, in your mood, your productivity, your physical, psychological and social being.

Some people are particularly good at making and maintaining beautiful spaces; I call them creatures of comfort. They prioritise their space and know how to make it suit their needs. Now before you have an attack of guilt over your miss-matched, unwashed coffee cups, remember ‘beautiful’ is a relative term. Expensive, big or even neat, may not be the most beautiful, efficient or appropriate space for you. However, be warned, your space is invariably shared by others who will have entirely different definitions of beauty.

So what are the factors which impact your space? In this and following posts we will explore the six main elements which shape your world.

SOUND I have recently developed a deep professional crush on Julian Treasure. A Sound Specialist, Julian presents a wonderful TED talk about the four main ways sound affects us.

Unlike my sister, who needs complete silence to work, I actually find some background noise or music quite reassuring. However the persistent yapping of my neighbours dog so raises my blood pressure that not even the native birds which happily frolic and sing in our sprinklers can compete.

Sound plays an important roll in all of our Jams, we use a variety of music and it is always interesting to watch the subtle changes in the mood of play.

Tell us what sounds inspire you or fill your space?

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