Hens Jamming!

Your Hen’s night is a special occasion to make shared memories with your friends and celebrate and honour the inimitable bond of womanhood. It’s also a great opportunity to be a little bit naughty, in a get together with the girls that will be talked about for years to come! This was the goal for Bridesmaid, Lisa when planning her sister’s Hen’s night in Perth and thus she sought out and found Loaded Brush!

The evening’s activities were a heavily guarded secret (challenging given the Bride’s interrogation skills prior to the day and many excuses to peak through preparations early in the night!) Nevertheless the bridesmaids managed to surprise Steph with a Loaded Brush Hen’s Jam. Whilst the cocktails flowed facilitator Cellina gave the girls a few tips on balancing brushes with bevies as they excitedly awaited the arrival of their model! Sporting a chic art smock the model appeared and cheekily invited the Bride-to-be to remove his shirt and choose a pose. Cheers went out as the girls raised their glasses and initial trepidation melted into smiles. The joy of mixing colour and sharing a lively challenge filled the bohemian atmosphere of fun and friendship, along with some of the hen’s favourite tunes. Immersed in their own painting the girls soon begin to remember their empty glasses and eager to see what their friends were up to they gradually mingled sharing laughs and hidden talents. One by one they surrendered their brushes and went forth as newly creative creatures, the buzz lingering in the night. As a final group photo was taken for the Hen’s special DVD memento of the evening the model contemplated the winner of the coveted Hen’s Jam Trophy! Prizes were awarded to several of the girls for their colourful interpretations of the nude and as they disappeared into the night, paintings in hand, smiles and laughter filled the air.

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